Public Outreach and Podcasts

Conversations about the Cosmos

Rozhovory o vesmíru – Měsíc

Rozhovory o vesmíru - Rádiové galaxie

Ultra-energetic Cosmic Ray Particles

About the Life of Stars

James Webb telescope (guest: Martin Topinka)

Special: Night of Scientist - The Essence of Time

Special: Live from Rožnava

How CubeSats are built?

Under the event horizon

Galactic centre (guest: Michal Zajaček)

Exoplanets (guest: Marek Skarka)

Perseverance, Cygnus X-1 and Cosmic web

Water on the Moon, SOPHIA telescope, Supermassive and Microscopic Black Holes

SRG/eROSITA, Hayabusa 2 and Chang'e 5, Future Missions to the Moon

Pilot episode

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